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Training methodology that we follow at Virtus Spaces revolves around YOU! Rather than overwhelming you with standardized courseware, we create a special roadmap for you. Our philosophy towards training is more practical than theoretical. We do a thorough need-gap analysis while devising training programs for your organization. Real life scenarios that you and your team may encounter through the day are considered while planning activities for the group.
This kind of a communicative approach to language teaching implies that your team is empowered with the right skill set to manage varying situations with ease. Mock role plays, drills, flip charts and real time feedback ensure that students learn the language in real depth, going beyond the spoken word to understand its true meaning, form and pronunciation. Diction and delivery form an important part of all our courses.
Our training methodology is as unique as our products. Rooted in great teacher-student interaction, it is a perfect mélange of conventional teaching & new-age training trends . It's an absorbing, engaging and involving process that helps you think good, do better and deliver the best!
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